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Age acceleration or Accelerated Growth or Acceleration Protocols is a technological achievement, utilized by the Visitors. It allows a person to age faster, than normal.


It's purpose is to allow a person to age rapidly than normal. Meaning a baby could become a toddler in a day.

It's possible the Visitors do this to the Soldiers, born from the Queen so that they could be combat effective immediately.


The preserved Queen egg

Anna realizes her daughter may be a threat and will not fulfill the V's plans. So wants Joshua to experiment on the Hybrid to see if it could work on the preserved Queen egg. It worked successfully, and so is to be administered to the Queen egg which would be ready to breed and become the next queen, unless Lisa proves loyal.

The technology had not been effective before and it was uncertain if age acceleration could work. However, accelerating the age of Amy lead to the conclusion that it could work.

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