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Visitor Assassin
Portrayed by
A former Visitor cadet but due to her killing another cadet she was kicked out by Philip on the homeworld resulting in her becoming an assassin and underling of Diana. She is ordered to get back the chips Robert stole so the visitors were not able to kill several resistance members and possibly kill his family which Includes Glenda. Diana offers her a chance to become an officer again if she kills Phillip which she agreed to do while on the planet,after locating the warehouse were the resitance and robert and his family were, when Philip agrees to do a one on one dual with Mike Donovan who Philip thinks killed his twin Brother Martin whil philip and donovan verbally sparring she presses philip to attack but after Donovan earns his respect she pulled her gun on both people and told Philip of Diana's plot that she killed Martin however before she can pull the trigger she is shot in the back by Glenda who had just given birth to a son stating no one would hurt him

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