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Anna's greeting to Earth (Pilot)

In some episodes of V, Anna appears under the mothership, speaking to humanity.


"Don't be frightened, we mean no harm. Please accept our apologies. We're truly anguished by the turmoil our arrival has caused. This is a momentus day. Until now we believed we were the only intelligent life in the universe. We're overjoyed to find that we're not alone. My name is Anna, and I'am the leader of my people. We're delighted to meet you, but we need your help; we're far from home. (Speaking in French) And we require water and a mineral which is common and abundant on Earth, in order to sustain ourselves. (Speaking in Portuguese) In exchange we'll be willing to share our technological achievements with you. (Speaking in Arabic) Technology that will enrich your lives in all areas. (Speaking in English) After we've replenished ourselves and shared with you what we can, we will leave you, hopefully better than we found you. We look forward to getting to know our new friends. They'll be more communication with your world leaders in the hours to come. Until then, we are of peace; always"

There is no normal anymoreEdit

Pound of FleshEdit

"Good evening. It is with great pleasure that I announce our official commencement of our Live Aboard Program. Our guests will observe the Visitor way of life. Have full access to the best of our technology. Recreational activities, and healing care. Each of our 29 ships have selected participants from every major city in the world. (Speaking in Chinese) People from Shanghai. (Speaking in Spanish) People from the great city of Madrid. (Speaking in English) People from all over this great planet will soon recieve official invitations. The candidates will come from all walks of life. Housewives. Plumbers. Scientists. Business people. I hope those of you have been chosen will recieve official invitations- (Interupted by John May Lives)- We are of peace; always."

Red RainEdit

"Please don't be frightened. I'm aware of your concerns. The time for answers has come. Red Sky and Red Rain are not to be feared. Just the opposite. Like the healing centers and blue energy. (Speaking in Italian) Red Sky was meant to form a trust between our people. (Speaking in Chinese) But instead, to my surprise and sadness, it was met with anger and fear. (Speaking in English) That is why I have been forced to wait until I had proof, to show you what it truly is. Red Sky is a gift to mankind. A gift of a new beginning. Red Sky will heal your oceans, make fertile your baren lands, and reverse global warming. It will undo a century of damage and give Earth a new beginning. We came in peace and you welcomed us. We will not betray you. We are of peace; always."

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