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"Our gifts to the people of Earth. The healing centers. Blue energy. Red rain, merely products of highly advanced science. But also viewed as miracles by many."


Throughout Season 1 and Season 2, Anna has given gifts to humans which was her promise, to share their technology.

Season 1Edit


Anna's first gift to the humans is the healing centers which were announced in Pilot. Their purpose is to heal the humans, and to implant R6 into the humans so they could track them as cattle.

It's Only the Beginning

Anna announces vitamin shots that can fight various forms of cancer, disease, and slow aging.

We Can't WinEdit

In We Can't Win, Anna presents Blue energy to U.N. Energy Summit to present a clean sustainable energy which does not require infrastructure, not pollute, just power.

Season 2Edit

Red RainEdit

In Season 2, Red Sky has been released into the atmosphere and has caused mass hysteria across the entire planet, whom believe Red Sky is the beginning of a war. Later, it rained Red Rain everywhere. Anna reassured them that Red Sky and Red Rain were to heal Earth's oceans, increase fertility in lands and reverse global warming.


In Concordia, Anna shares her new gift, Concordia.  A project designed to allow humans to use V technology, even piloting a V shuttle. Also, to reduce unemployment by a significant amount.

Mother's DayEdit

Anna attempts to bliss the entire human population, but causes her eyes to bleed and nears her to the brink of death. However, Amy managed to bliss humanity, since being half-human and half-Visitor and with Queen abilities. There is no doubt, the humans will accept this as a gift.

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