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Arthur Dupres
Arthur Dupres
Arthur Dupres
Chemical plant supervisor
Eleanor Dupres (wife)
Mike Donovan (step-son)
Sean Donovan (step-grandson)
Portrayed by
Hansford Rowe (tvs - V 1983) - Arthur Dupres

Hansford Rowe played Arthur Dupres

Arthur Dupres is married to Eleanor Dupres, Mike Donovan's mother. As his last name is not Donovan, it would appear he is Mike's stepfather. Arthur is a businessman who operates a chemical plant which receives a contract to make materials for the Visitors. In The Final Battle, Arthur becomes frustrated with Eleanors increased collaboration with the Visitors, and when she reaches the point where she becomes so corrupt, she uses her grandson Sean to entrap Mike. Arthur becomes so disgusted he walks out the door, saying he is leaving her for good and Eleanor says to Arthur "Once you go out that door, there's no coming back" and Arthur responds "Thank God!" and leaves. He makes no further appearances after this.

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