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Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor
Ben Taylor
Scientist and doctor
Caleb Taylor (father)
Elias Taylor (brother)
Portrayed by
Benjamin Taylor was a medical doctor and oldest son of Caleb and brother to Elias. Ben helped the family to become more financially stable when he became a doctor, but didn't marry as he was too interested in studying medicine and too dedicated to the Hippocratic oath to take advantage of women he took care of. Caleb regularly considered Ben's practise a more worthwhile job and constantly nagged Elias to become something more worthwhile than a black market dealer. However, this enraged Elias, who liked his life the way it was, and this led to a severe conflict between him and Ben. This conflict lasted for 10 years, while Elias was steadily distancing himself from the family and Ben became part of Doctor Rudolph Metz's staff and became a good friend of Doctor Julie Parrish.

When the Visitors arrived on Earth, Ben and his colleagues were all eager to learn the secrets behind Visitor physiology, but never got an opportunity to study them in detail. Meanwhile, ominous changes appeared in society, such as a sudden wave of ostracism of scientists, and the growing influence the Visitors had over the government and local authorities. This concerned Ben to the point where he joined Julie's new-found L.A. Resistance Cell, a group dedicated to fight the Visitors. Ben tried desperately to get Elias to help the group, as he had many useful contacts in the black market and could get the Resistance badly needed materials and supplies. Elias however refused, as their conflict was still strong.

Ben, Julie and former-Officer Brad McIntyre raided Stamos Pharmaceutical Company for lab equipment for their new headquarters. Just as they were poised to escape, the Visitors guards saw through Ben's act and began chasing him, separating him from the others. He ended up running down an abandoned multi-story car park and, when trapped by a Visitors shocktrooper, was shot by his laser rifle and knocked off the three-story ledge and landed in a pile of garbage below. Julie narrowly rescued him and got him too Elias, but, due to severe internal injuries he suffered in the fall and unable to call an ambulance without alerting the police, died of his injuries in the car several minutes later. The shock of his death finally led Elias to snap out of his juvenile attitude and he cried, cradling Ben's body in his arms.

After Ben's funeral, Caleb and Elias joined up with the Resistance to fight in his name, and the conflict turned Elias into the responsible adult Ben always wanted him to become.

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