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Blue energy reactor 3

The Blue Energy Reactor being weaponized

A Blue Energy Reactor is a reactor powered by Blue Energy. It is utlized by the Visitors, and is given to the humans who will manage the 538 Concordia sites.

Blue energy?Edit

Main article blue energy

Blue Energy is a power source for all Visitor technology. It's energy levels are higher than electrcity, that it would require half a watt for Visitor hologram to activate. It was calcuated that the amount of energy at the Concordia sites is too big than it's supposed purpose.

Purpose for Concordia?Edit

It's main purpose is to power the 538 Breeding Ships that are orbiting the Earth, since Concordia is nothing
Picture 9

Blue Energy Reactor will power the ships once they've landed.

more than a landing pad for the breeding ships.


The Blue Energy Reactor has two balls made of Blue Energy with two metal rings which spin the middle of the both blue energy spheres.

The reactor if weaponized has enough energy to destroy 100 square miles of land, killing tens of thousands of people.

Devil in a Blue DressEdit

Anna announced to the world that the Concordia sites around the globe will begin and power the first Blue Energy Reactor on Earth.

Sydney Miller later found out the energy output of the reactor is far too much to fit its "purpose" and realized that that amount of power is the same amount for the motherships and the Fifth Column learnt that Concordia is landing sites.

They then set a plan to sabotage the reactor so it would seem dangerous and Concordia will stop completely. However, unbeknownst to them, if the reactor is weaponized, its power would be enough to destroy 100 square miles. Lisa alerted Ryan and who managed to stop the reactor from exploding. When the reactor went offline it sent a massive power surge across New York which affected the humans electrical grid. Anna used this inconvenience as a demonstration of the V's benevolence, by using the Blue Energy Reactor to power the city.

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