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A Blue energy grenade is a weapon of Visitor design and made use of Blue energy as a power source. It
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Joshua holding a blue energy grenade. Red sky

resembles a sphere that can fit in the hand of an individual. The lower half is seemingly constructed of an opaque glass-like substance whilst a metallic covering fits on the top. By twisting the top of the grenade, the device activated with the metallic cover shining red and the glass sphere glowing blue. When activated, the grenade seemingly floated by its own power and took moments to charge before it exploded with destructive power giving it the capacity to easily kill groups of individuals. The fact that the grenade had a delay before exploding, they come in different sizes.`


Season 1Edit

During the use of Bliss onboard one of the Motherships hovering over Earth, a member of the Fifth Column intended to spirit his mate away from the event. However, she was completely immersed in the experience and the Fifth Columnist decided that he could not be apart from her. With that said, he activated a grenade device which exploded and killed him, his mate along with the group of Visitors in its blast radius. Marcus reported the incident to Visitor High Commander Anna who decided to take steps at combating the Fifth Column. (Pound of Flesh)

When FBI Agent Erica Evans came onboard the New York Mothership, she did so with the secret intention of killing Anna's army of Soldier eggs that were waiting to be hatched. Whilst sneaking away from a dinner with Anna, she met Lisa who gave Erica a blue energy grenade for use against the unborn army. (Red Sky)

Behind the ScenesEdit

The grenade is not named in its initial appearance but in the Season 1 finale, its given the name of a Blue energy grenade.

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