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Brad McIntyre
Brad McIntyre
Brad McIntyre
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Brad McIntyre is a brash, crude and experienced police officer and member of the LAPD. During his time in the force, his personality adapted to the dangerous nature of his duties and he gradually became more cautious and more experienced with kept his guard up. When the Visitors arrived on Earth, Brad was among those of the Earth's population who became suspicious of the Visitors' true intentions, and was alarmed when he noticed that all of the police officers, including his partner, who wouldn't go along with the Visitors' "requests" vanished.

Brad saw the need to defend themselves against the Visitors and joined the new-formed Resistance, but still remained as a police officer. Brad was among those who met with Juliet Parrish in an abandoned laundromat for the purpose of forming a Resistance group, and he agreed that an and agreed that an underground movement was necessary in the face of the growing power of the Visitors. Though he lacked proper knowledge of tactics, Brad knew basic survival needs and brought up the topic of weapons to defend themselves with. When Julie suggested that Kristine Walsh could help them because of her new-found position, Brad considered Walsh to be "maybe too much on the inside" and unable to be trusted (and was later proven right). Brad went with Julie and Ben Taylor to raid the Stamos Pharmaceutical Company for lab equipment for their new headquarters, and narrowly escaped when security pursued them. Brad served as the getaway driver and got the equipment to safety while Julie went back for Ben, who she saved, but later died of injuries which he had sustained in the escape. (V: The Original Miniseries)

Several months later, Brad left the L.A. group when it seemed the Visitors' new armor and weaponry would end the movement. Brad then joined the World Liberation Front, the most powerful of Resistance groups, and supplied information and weapons to Ham Tyler from within his position in the police force. (V: The Final Battle)

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