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Bron is a male Visitor who features only in the comic series starting with Meanwhile Out In Space and ending in Peace on Earth?.


He is revealed to be the son of The Leader and thus making him the ruling prince of the Visitors. Bron was enroute to the Mothership around Earth when his shuttle was attacked by another Visitor ship led by the Fifth Column. This caused Bron's vessel to crash onto Earth where attempts were made to recover him but he was captured by the Human Resistance. Rather than escape, Bron decided to accompany Mike Donovan and Juliet Parrish in order to learn more about Humans. He managed to blend in due to his Human disguise but this was later ripped which revealed his true identity to a Human settlement. During a Visitor raid on the settlement, Bron jumped into the blast of a Shock Troopers Laser weapon thus killing him. His last words were that his father would understand his sacrifice and the sarcophagus containing his remains were later transported onto the Mothership. The death of Bron had a visible effect on the Leader who now desired to end the war against Earth.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Bron only features in the comic story arc and does not feature in canon stories which means he is not to be considered a canon character.

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