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Caleb Taylor
Caleb Taylor
Caleb Taylor
Chemical plant worker, now a member of the Resistance
Dr. Ben Taylor (son)
Elias Taylor (son)
Portrayed by
Caleb Taylor was a worker at Arthur Dupres's chemical plant and widower with two sons, Benjamin and Elias, at the time of the First Invasion.

His family was in turmoil when Caleb constantly nagged Elias about becoming more worthwhile than a black market dealer, often using Benjamin; a doctor, as an example and this led Elias to despise Benjamin. Caleb was injured in an accident at the plant, and is rescued by one of the Visitor technicians Willie, which leads them to become friends. When Benjamin joined the Resistance and was killed by the Visitors, Caleb and Elias both become active members of the Resistance to avenge his death. (V: The Original Miniseries])

When Willie was captured for research into the Visitors biology several months later, Caleb vouched for his survival and freedom as he considered him more trustworthy than most Visitors. During the discussion for the final attack on the Visitors with the Red Dust toxin, Caleb feared nuclear annihilation and voted against it, while Elias supported it. Caleb is proud of the man Elias has now become and accompanies Elias, Mike Donovan, Juliet Parrish, Sancho Gomez, Harmony Moore, Willie and many others onto the Visitor Mothership orbiting Los Angeles and helped kill the entire crew with the Red Dust, allowing the ship to be captured by the Resistance and Earth be saved from destruction. (V: The Final Battle)

Whether he is still alive during the Second Invasion or he lived to see his second son, Elias, die in combat, is unknown. (V: The Series)

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