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Captains of the 29 Ships are 29 Visitor's who are in-charge of controlling the motherships.


Although never seen controlling the ship, they are seen attending meetings where Anna would discuss about important issues.

Each mothership is controlled by each captain.

They wear dark grey uniforms, with ties. Not like Marcus's uniform, but close.

There is no normal anymore, meeting.

"(Reveals a Visa) Today is a historic day. Though we continue to gain ground in diplomatic areas; we must not underestiminate the importance of popular opinion among humanity. Opionions can easily change. Monitor them and if necessary shape those opinions within your terrortories. By doing so; we can stop any resistance; before it starts. Go forward. (Holograms deactivate- Captains disappear)

Red Rain, meeting.

"I understand there are questions amongst you, regarding the release of the Red Sky. I assure you it was all part of my plan. And no-one either human or Visitor can comprehend the magnitude of what is coming. There is also concern that I've been infected by the human skin. You have no cause for worry; I have everything under control. (Faces the French Captain) I'm so appreciative of your trust; your confidence; your loyalty. (Reveals her tail and repeatedly strikes the French captain) I may wear this skin but I never forget what we beneath." (Pulls back human skin to reveal the V's true face. Later, impales captain with her tail, and walks away tasting his bood)

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