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 The Visitor’s Fifth Column is a Sci-fi fan club. The club is affiliated with 

science fiction and independent services. We are theme based in the V Universe.

We are dedicated to education, prosperity, community, and fun! 

We can say that we are proud to extend greetings to such a prospective new member.

In the Fifth Column we have a verity of things, like: speakers, video’s, games, entertainment, etc. 

Their is a little bit that goes on. Meetings are held on Face book instant messenger on the first

Saturday of each month. The meetings are held at noon time 12:00 PM mountain standard time.  

(Depending on what’s in store.) If your looking for a group to be able to have fun with, make friends, go to other places, and stuff? Then this is the club for you! Join today.



Visitors Fifth Column Supreme Commander rank.

Scott Christopher Schaller Supreme Commander Director Sirian Academy

[1] [2]

Welcome to the Visitors Fifth Column00:42

Welcome to the Visitors Fifth Column


Visitors Fifth Column Logo

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