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Crivit med

A Crivit, burrowing in the sand.

Crivits, dangerous extraterrestrial carnivores presumably from the Visitor homeworld (though possibly some other planet) that live under the sand and consume any creature that walks upon the mote's surface. The screen grab below is the best glimpse we get of a Crivit as it races after a would-be escapee. Notice in the second image part of a mouth or fin pulling the victim down under the sand.

A Crivit devouring a man, trying to escape a Visitor prison.

At a Visitor prison camp where Mike Donovan, Ham Tyler, Kyle Bates, and Robin Maxwell were held a, a sand malt surrounded the camp and a crivit devoured a man trying to escape.

Diana has a crivit aboard her ship and she fed Kenneth, a Visitor to the crivit.

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