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Dr. Veena Rai
Dr. Veena Rai
Maternity Specialist
Portrayed by
Marny Eng

Dr. Veena Rai is a Visitor sleeper agent that experimented on pregnant women and their unborn children as part of the Visitor Breeding Program. Both Erica Evans and Eli Cohn's wife were treated by her. She disappeared, and Erica failed to track her down.

Following Eli Cohn's death, Erica and John Fierro follow up on a lead that leads Erica and Hobbes to confront Dr. Veena Rai. She was living under an assumed name in Hong Kong, and was in a highly-secure environment. It is during this confrontation that Erica discovers that Dr. Veena Rai is a Visitor. Rather than being tortured to give up information, Dr. Veena Rai jumps off the balcony of the building and consumes a Visitor suicide pill.

After her death, Erica and Hobbes find her safe and uncover secrets of the Breeding Program. Erica and the Fifth Column discover that there are 29 subjects (including Tyler Evans) that have managed to survive into adulthood, in each of the cities visited by a Mothership. ("Birth Pangs")

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