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Eleanor Dupres
Eleanor dupres
Eleanor Dupres
Mike Donovan (son)
Sean Donovan (grandson)
Arthur Dupres (husband)
Marjorie Donovan (former daughter-in-law)
Portrayed by

Eleanor Dupres was a wealthy woman who lived in Los Angeles at the time of the First Invasion. She was the mother of Mike Donovan and the wife of an industrialist named Arthur Dupres, who owned a refinery plant in the city. She was also the paternal grandmother of Sean Donovan.


After the arrival of the Visitor, she became one of the strongest supporters of the aliens' cause. In the very beginning Eleanor was hoping, that her husband's plant would be used to aid the Visitors. Being a power-hungry, vapid and selfish woman, she was the best collaborator the Visitors could ever dream of. During the first months of Visitors' stay on Earth, she became a good friend of Visitors representative Steven.

Eleanor always denied the Visitors' obvious evil plots. For this reason, she treated the Resistance as simple thugs that were breaking laws and had to be dealt with. In order to curry favour with Steven, she informed him that Robert Maxwell, a scientist and one of her neighbours, and his family were being smuggled out of Los Angeles. (V: The Original Miniseries)

Several months later, she even tried to kill her own son who by then had become a senior figure in the Resistance and did not hesitate to use her grandson to advance her own aims.

Eleanor became a new spokeswoman of the Visitors after Kristine Walsh's death, but was later killed by Steven during the Resistance attack at the Los Angeles Visitor Embassy when she attempted to betray him.

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