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Eli Cohn
Eli Cohn
Former Leader of the Fifth Column
Portrayed by
Eli Cohn is a former MOSSAD agent, who until his death, led a highly-militant group of the Fifth Column. His organization are fiercely loyal to him, and will do anything, including sacrificing their own lives for their cause.


Eli Cohn used suicide bombers Melanie Singer, Will Mabyee to get to kill Chad Decker but was unsuccessful.("Serpent's Tooth")

He then ordered two of his men to kill 3 peace ambassadors. He first appeared when he met with Jack Landry and when he was corned by Erica he revealed to Erica that his wife and child were subject to experimentation, similar to what Erica experienced when she was carrying Tyler. She then told him to leave inocents alone.("Unholy Alliance")

He is then contacted by Ryan Nichols who wants to assinate Anna. He then tells Erica and is positioned as one of the snipers ready to kill Anna. He is shocked when Ryan turns out to be a traitor.("Concordia")

Ryan the attempted to try and kill him. However, Ryan failed. He told Erica and assisted her in the plan to escape. He sacrificed his life for the continuation of the Fifth Column through Erica, whom he passed the leadership to. Eli Cohn died in the explosion of the building which was the centre of a hostage drama, triggered by Hobbes.("Siege")

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