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Father Piers Moreau
Father Piers Moreau
Roman Catholic priest
Portrayed by
Jonathan Walker

"I gave the honourable servant the death he deserved"


Father Piers Moreau was a Visitor Sleeper Agent, sent to Earth by Diana, the previous Queen.

Before the V's arrivedEdit

Father Piers Moreau was sent to Earth by Diana, to learn about human emotion and it's effect on the Visitor species. In order to achieve his mission, he became a priest and lived at the Vatican. When Diana was overthrown by her daughter, Father Piers Moreau ceased contact with the rest of the Visitors for fifteen years.

Unholy AllianceEdit

When Anna arrives at the Vatican, she notices that Moreau's seems more hostile that the other priests she encounters. She also notices the ring he wears, which indicates that he is a Visitor sleeper agent. Moreau tries to convince the others to not agree to interfere with priests who engage in anti-Visitor rhetoric, but they are tricked into accepting by Anna. Anna later declares that Moreau has volunteered be the first missionary to teach the Visitors about religion. This, however, was a coverup so that Anna could get Moreau to return the mothership for interrogation. Moreau notices Chad before he leaves for the mothership and tells him to trust his sense on Anna. Chad offers to help Moreau, but Moreau states that his fate is already sealed.

Moreau tells Anna that Diana is his only Queen, and will not accept Anna as his Queen. He also says that he would only tell Diana what he has learnt. Scanning him in the Memory Chamber has little effect, as he is able to resist it. Anna finally brings him to meet Diana, and tells her of the human soul. Moreau says that the soul is a blessing, a unique gift, one of which could sustain the Visitors forever. However, Anna does not accept this, and wants to use whatever he has learnt to eradicate the soul. Anna intends to extract the information by skinning Moreau, inch by inch. Knowing he would reveal the information, tells Diana that he would be grateful if Diana would kill him. Diana reveals her reptillian teeth and kills Moreau, sparing him from Anna's torture as a reward for his service. Anna then chides Diana for killing her only ally.

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