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The name of the as fictional movie disguised real life documentary in this video is "V - The Series" 2009 and 1984. It's us Vs them. This is NOT a fictional work! This video shows reality for what it is. Our reality. What happens outside of your window at this present moment on this very planet. Right NOW! We are being infiltrated. We are being taken over by a collective of interdimensional entities, mainly reptilians. It's a slow-motion invasion over many centuries. And we are in the final stage of this invasion. If you are alive at this present moment you are part of the most important generation in human history regarding human destiny.

It's all or nothing, the reptilians want to annihilate humanity and colonize earth with their own reptilian/grey hybrid.

You HAVE to fight! Not with weapons (for now - but store ammo for later) but you must engage in the information war. Our great advantage at this point is that we greatly outnumber the enemy. The only reason why they are able to manipulate and consequently control us is because the majority of humans is not informed about their presence.

There is one power greater than all nuclear bombs, and that is the WILL of the people! Once people find out that reptilians are running the show it's OVER for them and they will have to retreat. Inform as many people as possible. If you don't want to tell your relatives or close friends that reptilians are running the show - i understand that, but do it at least anonymously in the internet or on the street. Don't just visit conspiracy forums, people there already know. Visit mainstream forums, about gardening, cars, antique furniture, fishing, sports, and so on. All forums have 'off-topic' sections. We must inform everyone. Go to concerts, festivals, (have a drink if you need to) and then shout out loud that reptilians are taking over, and tell people to look up shapeshifting videos on youtube/elsewhere.

Don't think of all people as "sheeple", some simply never had the required impulse in their lifes to develop interest in these topics. Human nature is curiosity. Generally people are very open for new ideas and interesting topics. Never preach! If truth isn't given with love, both the information and the messanger will be rejected. Don't expect immediate results. Truth is an energetic seed, it's seed that first is planted before it grows. This takes some time for most people. Simply inform people and then let things develop naturally.

They KNOW that we are waking up! This is why they are so desperate to start world war 3. As a giant distraction. They and their agenda must be radically opposed! Forget about your daily life dramas, none of it matters. What is your relationship or career good for if you lose your whole planet?

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