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The First Invasion was a battle that took place on Earth. This battle occured when the Vs arrived on Earth. They began an invasion process that began many years before they revealed themselves.

History(1983-85) Edit

The Visitors sent spies to Earth many years before they revealed themslves. Upon arrival, they quickly portrayed themselves as Earth's friends but had secretly began an invasion. They quickly rose to prominent positions within goverment and business and began to assert control over Earth. The Resistence defeated the Visitors.

Aftermath Edit

The Visitors Commanders, Pamela and John, were killed by Diana. The L.A Super weapon had been destroyed and Diana retreated to regroup with the fleet for a Second Invasion.

History (2009-10) Edit

A massive invasion fleet is on its way as of It's Only the Beginning. This invasion had began before the Visitors revealed themselves when the Visitors sent sleeper agents. Ultimately, the invasion fleet will attack, revealing the Visitors' true intentions.

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