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Harmony Moore
Harmony Moore
Snack Bar seller
Resistance agent
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Harmony Moore is one of the minor characters in the original V series.


Harmony works at a food catering stand outside of Arthur Dupres’ chemical plant, when the aliens invaded. It was on the job that she met Willie while he was lost. She helped him find his way but a bond was born.

After Willie saved Caleb Taylor’s life Harmony gets the chance to see him again and the two grow closer.

The Resistance planned to attack the chemical plant to use as a distraction and plant bombs on site. Harmony discovers a bomb, and is conflicted on what to do. When Willie walks near the bomb, she takes action and saves his life.

Willy and Harmony don’t see each other too much as Willie is transferred, but when Harmony’s catering stand brings her to the Medical Center, she sees him again. They decide to take the next step. Willy takes her inside the L.A. Medical Center with the intention of being alone with Harmony, but they walk in on Elias, Caleb, and Mark stashing weapons. They are both taken back to resistance headquarters.

By this time, Harmony has heard the truth about the Visitors but doesn’t believe it. When she pleads with Mark not to hurt him, Mark proves it by ripping Willie’s hand skin off. Harmony is shocked, but eventually grows to accept it.

Harmony stays with the Resistance and eventually makes up with Willie, staying with him even though he is a lizard.

Harmony begins to assist Julie in her medical proceedings, helping with both Robin and Elizabeth.

In the Final Battle she joins the crew attacking the Mothership. When a Visitor soldier manages to flank their landing party to attack the group, Harmony shoved Willie out of the way while she got hit instead. Knowing that she was as good as dead, she and Willie confessed their love moments before she died in his arms.


Harmony dies in Willie's arms after being shot.

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