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Henry Atkins
Henry Atkins
Henry Atkins
Computer expert, store worker
Dr. Atkins (father)
Portrayed by

Henry Atkins was a computer expert who lived with his father Dr. Atkins at the time of the Second Invasion.

He figured out how to hack into the Visitors. mainframe and caused problems. He assisted customers in his fathers general store by being the cashier. When Lt. James came looking for them, After his father gave Mrs. Butler a can of tuna, he allowed himself to be captured so Henry could escape.

Soon afterwards, he was found by Mike Donovan and Kyle Bates, who were looking for his father, at his father's general store and helped them escape from Visitors. He agreed to help them stop a massive invasion via a computer program, in exchange for them freeing his father Although was described as being an annoying smart ass and helped the resistance free captive patrons of his fathers store

Eventually, he was able to use the computers in Science Frontiers to stop the invasion while Philip saved his father and reunited them.

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