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Howard', better known as "Howie", was a doctor in the Visitor Fleet who was assigned to a Visitor field hospital in Los Angeles. He had sympathies with the Fifth Column possibly because his close friend Simon was member. However, he kept it secret for fear of being hunted by Diana's spies.

He was very upset when he learned of Simon's death. Resistance members Mike Donovan and Ham Tyler, desperate for a doctor to save Fifth Column member Willie from laser shot injuries, kidnapped Howard immediately after he left the hospital and brought him to treat his wounds.

He did as much as he could to help Willie but failed, including saving Willie from dying from morphine as it was poison to Visitors and stated several times that he was not a doctor as he was a doctor in training. However after seeing Willie recovering with Elizabeth Maxwell's help, Howard was inspired by her act to join the Fifth Column as an active member and brought the Resistance up-to-date with the movement's recent history.

He recognised John Langley but could not remember from where. To help that he was not going to betray the Resistance, he infiltrate the hospital where weapons were secretly being kept and helped sabotage the liquid xenon tanks, causing the hospital to explode.

He was knocked out by Langley, after remembering from where he had heard John's name, saving Donovan, Tyler, Juliet Parrish and Robin Maxwell, and helped the Resistance team escape from incoming reinforcements. He stayed behind, as he could be of more help to the Fifth Column and the Resistance on the inside. Diana did not discover his true allegiance. (V: The Series_)

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