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Immolation pill

A Suicide Pill is a capsule carried by all Visitors that enables them to commit suicide and leave no trace of themselves, other than a pile of ashes (and/or scorch marks).

  • Cyrus was apparently forced to (or possibly voluntarily took) take a pill after his confrontation with Ryan ("A Bright New Day")
  • After the Emotions Test, 4 of the 7 Visitors who failed voluntarily took the pill including Philip. This was to reveal the margin of error the test may have had. "John May (episode)"
  • Ryan forced his pill into the mouth of a V Doctor trying to kill Valerie.
  • Ryan forced the pill into the mouth of a Tracker, in Red Rain (Season 2 Episode 1)
  • Anna forced a Pill into Diana's mouth, to get her to explain human emotions. Diana immediately spits out the pill and after Anna reveals she has more pills in her hand, Diana capitulates.
  • Dr. Veena Rai consumes a suicide pill after she jumps off the balcony of her apartment, rather than being tortured by Erica and Hobbes.("Birth Pangs")

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