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"Their using us, to fast-track their own evolution"


The Visitors plans for humanity, is to breed with them so they could have humans best DNA, so the V's could create a more powerful race.

Before the V's arrivedEdit

When the V's discovered Earth and humans, they wondered if inter-breeding was a possibility, and it proved

Alpha's DNA 50 years old(Left) Sarita Maliks DNA younger (Right)

that it could work, but the next generation of V's would carry human emotion and therefore affect the efficiency of their species.

It's possible the V's have done this to other lifeforms across the universe to harvest the best DNA to create a superior master race which was powerful and unstoppable.

Live Aboard Programme & ConcordiaEdit

Live Aboard ProgrammeEdit

Anna announced her Live Aboard Programme as a reward for the gracious hospitality given to the Visitors. Many humans were randomly selected for the programme and would live up on the ship and have access to advanced technology and medical care and their culture. This was a lie, for the V's selected people with genetic potential so they harvest the best DNA out their for the fast track evolution of the Visitors.


Anna announced Concordia. Concordia was a gift to humanity by ways of reducing unemployment and allowing humans to pilot V shuttles and have access to V technology. It was in actual fact a dock for the V breeding vessels so that they could land and disperse soldiers to collect the human females and to breed with them.

Empty spaces in DNAEdit

When the Visitors first experimented with clearing spaces in human DNA for later implantation for their breeding program, many babies died and only twenty-nine survived. One of the twenty-nine is living in each of the twenty-
nine cities visited by the V motherships. The high-quality DNA mixture extracted from the humans on the live aboard program is to be infused with the subjects, who will then mate with Lisa so as to create a super-endowed hybrid race. In "Uneasy Lies the Head", it is revealed that even the twenty-nine humans who survived the experimentation would face a drastically shortened lifespan without the infusion to fill the gaps in their DNA.

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