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Shock Trooper Commander
Portrayed by

Captain Jake had a great role in the original mini series as a shocktrooper commander. He wore a human disguise resembling that of an African-American man. He captures Robin Maxwell when she is walking outside past her curfew; Jake also caught her father, but he asks him to reveal the location of the rebel camp, promising to spare it if Robert cooperates. Jake then betrays Robert by leading an attack on the camp anyway. Jake helps oversee the security of a food processing plant during a Visitor raid - he was put in charge of operations for the Los Angeles Medical Center when John's true identity is revealed, he orders his men to stop the transmission but fails due to sabatoge from the Fifth Column. When Mike Donovan tries to take a position to die onboard the Los Angeles mothership, Jake knocks the pill out of his hand and subdues Mike with his laser gun. Later when a Visitor disguised as Mike Donovan tries to assassinate Diana, Jake jumps to the scene and kills the would be assassin. He is believed to have survived and escaped to one of the ships behind the moon. Jake's ultimate fate is unknown.

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