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John Langley
John Langley
John Langley
Visitor infiltrator
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John Langley was a Visitor spy who infiltrated the Resistance under Diana's order with the goal of making another starchild by impregnating Robin Maxwell.

He made his way to Caniff Printing, a Resistance underground printing press where he met Robin before they were all taken hostage by Mr. Chiang's underlings.

They were to be used as hostages for execution unless Mike Donovan and company gave themselves. He posed as a human sympathetic to the Resistance in order to get close to Robin. The Resistance was able to break them out and make it back to its headquarters.

Davison john

John's lizard eyes revealed.

He lashed out at Diana for almost allowing his death but agreed reluctantly to continue pursuing Robin, almost forcing her to have sex at one point. They reconciled when Willie was shot and Mike Donovan and Ham Tyler brought Howie in.

He was almost betrayed but Howie could not remember where he knew him from. He attempted to convince the Resistance that Howie could not be trusted but it failed, when the Resistance attacked the medical center and the new Supreme Commander Charles's weapon storage facility was destroyed. Howie suddenly remembered him and Langley knocked him out. He then alerted the Visitor guards and took Robin hostage.

Langley told Donovan, Tyler and Juliet Parrish to disarm themselves, However, Howie awoke and made it to the ambulance bay and shot him from behind killing him.

Howie informed Diana, who was unaware that he was a member of the Fifth Column, that Langley was responsible for the destruction of the weapon storage facility. (V: The Series)

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