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Joshua Brooks
Josh Brooks
Josh Brooks
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Josh Brooks is a student living in San Pedro with his parents and best friend of Sean Donovan. When the Visitors originally arrived on Earth, Josh was amongst the majority of the population that believed the Visitors claims were truly benevolent and idolized them. This ended when San Pedro's population was captured by Visitor shock troops who attacked the town after Resistance activities killed a high-ranking officer in the area. Josh was the only member of the town who escaped and remained alone for days until Sean's father, Mike, found him. After helping Mike acquire a Visitor security key that Mike gave to Sean earlier, Josh was taken in by a restaurant owner Mike knew, now a Resistance agent. Faced with increased Visitor activities inside the major cities, the agent relocated Josh to the Resistance's mountain camp, where Josh narrowly survived the Visitor shuttle attack. Josh went with the rest of the Resistance to a new base, becoming an unofficial member and living with the other children in the base for the remainder of the war. Shortly after the war's end, Josh is taken in by a foster family, where he remains to this day.

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