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Kathleen Maxwell
Kathleen Maxwell
Kathleen Maxwell
Robert Maxwell (husband)
Robin Maxwell (daughter)
Polly Maxwell (daughter)
Katie Maxwell (daughter)
Elizabeth Maxwell (granddaughter)
Portrayed by
Kathleen Maxwell was a botanist and wife of Robert, mother of Robin, Polly and Katie and employer of Sancho Gomez, who she treated as a friend because of their similar backgrounds in yard work. When the Visitors arrived on Earth, she and her family remained unconcerned about their growing control of everyday life, but when a sudden rush of ostracization against scientists endangered her family, Kathleen and the rest of her family went underground and were given sanctuary by Abraham Bernstein, though they were forced to flee again before a Visitor raiding team attacked their hiding place. Desperate for a way to escape the Visitor security zone, she was able to convince Sancho to help her family escape the blockades, though this inevitably led to his capture. The whole family then joined the Resistance, and while Robert and Robin lived in the newly established complex inside Los Angeles, Kathleen remained with Polly and Katie in the Resistance mountain camp. When the Visitors attacked the camp, she was wounded by shuttle fire and died in Robert's arms.

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