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Katie Maxwell
Katie Maxwell
Katie Maxwell
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Katie Maxwell is the 3-year-old child of Robert and Kathleen and youngest sister to Robin and Katie and auntie to Elizabeth. Being so young and helpless, she generally never knew what was going on and needed constant care by older members of her family. During the First Invasion, her family was steadily discredited against and was forced to flee persecution, and Katie and her family were given sanctuary by Abraham Bernstein, but were forced to flee again before a Visitor raiding team found them. Katie and the family then joined the Resistance and she, her mother and older sister took residence at the L.A. Cell's mountain camp, but fled again after the Visitors attacked it and her mother was killed. Katie then lived with the other children in the Resistance base for the remainder of the war. Robert, not being able to care for 3 children and 1 grandchild after the war's end, convinced Katie to go with Polly into the Bernstein's care, where they remain to this day

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