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Kerry Eltoff
Kerry eltoff
Kerry Eltoff
New (2009)
Newscaster {fired}
Portrayed by
Ona Grauer

Kerry Eltoff is a talented newscaster from Boston brought in to face-off with Chad Decker on the news program, Prime Focus. Her presence on Prime Focus is meant to counter-balance Chad Decker's pro-Visitor stance on reporting, since the public no longer seem as sure about the Visitors after the events of Red Sky leading to a fall in Prime Focus' ratings.

Kerry eltoff2

Kerry Eltoff at the Concordia Gala Event

Kerry attends the Concordia Gala Event, where she questions Anna on the Visitors true intentions on Earth. ("Concordia") she continues her job and points out many things to think about ("Siege") she attended anna's concord aunouncement and was very skeptical anna then ordered chad to get rid of her chad chad then forced her to get fired she then slapped chad and insulted him stating he was a snake however chad did it to protect her ("Devil in a Blue Dress") {{DEFAULTSORT:Eltoff, Kerry}

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