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"Laid Bare"
2x03 Laid Bare

18 January 2011
Running time
Written by
Gwendolyn M. Parker
Directed by
David Barrett
Jaimie Mortimer Lamb - Sophie Allen Michael Patric - Angry Man Sean Tyson - Parishoner Christopher Rosamund - Ed Cantrill
John Paul McGlynn - Terrified Man
Trinity Jarman - The Hybrid

"Laid Bare" is the third episode of Season 2 of V.


Erica learns her partner, Agent Malik, is a Visitor and must fight for her life - literally - to stop Anna from finding out she's Fifth Column. Erica wins a brawl against Malik and takes her prisoner.

Meanwhile, Anna learns that Malik is missing and orders Ryan to find her.

Lisa realizes her body is beginning to change (her skin intermittently becoming scaly green), causing her to become more and more like her mother. Anna visits with her mother Diana, who warns Anna that Lisa might stubborn and resisant to her alien status.

With Malik chained up, the Fifth Column debates the best means of interrogating her and decide that slicing her open is the only way to cause her enough pain to talk.

Anna meets with Chad and asks him to interview Father Jack, ostensibly to give all sides of the debate a voice. Chad suspects a trick but Father Jack wants to take the risk and does the interview. Right after the interview, Father Jack performs a service during which a congretion member starts an argument which leads to a brawl, with Father Jack stepping in and telling the disrupter to fight him instead. Later, we learn that the rucus was all a set-up, as Tyler video taped the incident on his phone in order to completely discredit Father Jack.

When Lisa asked to watch Anna perform an experiment on a human in order to try to kill the body and isolate the soul, it becomes apparent to Anna that Lisa still has a human conscience. Anna orders her to carry out the experiment herself and Lisa passes the test, making Anna think that she's in line.

The Fifth Column show Malik's body to Chad to prove what the Visitors look like underneath their human skin.

Lisa visits Erica at her house, crying, needing somebody to speak with about her dilemma...

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