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"One unique strand of DNA, Joshua. Extracted from every carefully selected Live Aboard. The finest genetic material, Mankind has to offer. Soon it will be ours."


The Live Aboard Program is a program to allow humans to experience life as a V on a Mothership. The public intention for this program was to extend camaraderie between the host humans and the technologically advanced Visitors, by allowing humans even more firsthand experience in the life of a V on a Mothership. Later, the program served to trap and exterminate the Fifth Column; to increase the public popularity of the Visitors, and ruin the public image of the Fifth Column. In addition, it is apparent that the participants are being subjected to strange and seemingly cruel experiments.

In Heretics Fork, Anna orders the medical staff to commence extraction procedures on the Live Aboard Residents prematurely, due to that she now knows about the hybrid and does not want this to happen onboard the ships.

The Live Aboard Programme did not randomly select participants, it selected humans with genetically excepitional material which would be extracted and placed into the DNA bank where once completed it would be implanted into Tyler or other 28 males who have blank spaces in their DNA.


  • Tyler Evans: Lisa was supposed to get Tyler on the Live Aboard Program. Since Lisa is now experiencing human-like emotions, she is aware that Tyler will be used then forgotten, and has discouraged his participation. The reason for him being selected is because, once the extraction of DNA from all Live Aboard's was complete, it would later be injected into Tyler, so he had the best DNA which would go into the next generation of the Visitors.
  • Jennifer Hartswell: Was selected because she had a very high level immunity. Her DNA was extracted and placed in the DNA bank.
  • Melissa Hartswell: Mother of Jennifer Hartswell. Only selected so her daughter can come up to the ship.
  • Will Lerner: Selected Live Aboard, whom was to have DNA extraction. However, Fifth Column infected him with a virus which had his DNA been extracted, carrying the virus, it would infect all of the growth matter which the V's had spent months collecting.
  • Raphael: Another out of 28 male candidates whom wee to breed with Lisa. Once DNA extraction out of the other Live Aboard's was complete, then it would be fused within Raphael.
  • South African Peace Ambassador: Another out of 28 male candidates whom were to breed with Lisa. Once DNA extraction out of the other Live Aboard's was complete, then it would be fused within the South African Peace Ambassador.