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The Live Aboard Program which was to allow humans to live amongst Visitors, was a coverup so they could subject the participants to experiments.


It is unknown of what their intentions are from the experiments, it would be likely it would be shown in season 2.

The only known experiment seen so far, is a row of arcs with needles which poke into the human body, everywhere, including the centre of the eye. It is unknown what this devise does, it could extract something from the human body, give something to the human body.

The Visitors seem not bothered that humans have actually been awake when this happened and seem to remember the events. One woman in particular, recalled her events, but found them a nightmare, nothing more. If the V's were going with this method and not blanking the memories then the Live Aboard Programme was activated near when the V's activated stage 2: to take over.

The Experiments are taken place in a red corridor with glowing red arrows in the ceiling with a door in V language which says "those of the body only" which is posted in every V installation on Earth in resricted areas.

Chad Decker could not understand why these people were selected, a woman with a family with unusually high fertility rate, however she can't have kids. A talented musician but is a "broken toy." Anna says that she sees the inner worth of them all, but it's possible that these people are needed for the V's plans.

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