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Maggie Blodgett
Maggie Blodgett
Maggie Blodgett
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Maggie Blodgett was a young woman resistance fighter, who joined up after the battle at the mountain camp. She was instrumental in the Los Angeles Medical Center Raid, by seducing Daniel Bernstein to gain information. During the debate over Robin’s abortion, she sided heavily with Robin making her own choice.

Maggie posed as a nurse at the hospital to infiltrate the Visitors by pretending to be attracted to Daniel Bernstein. She hated what she was doing with Daniel Bernstein, but it did prove to be important to the cause. She ended up flying with Willy, to save the resistance after they were caught on the rooftop.

She fell in love with fellow fighter, Mark, along the way although her actions with Daniel caused constant strife between the two (gee, do you think?). She continues to hump Daniel for information that is critical in the rescue of Julie Parrish, although it cost the life of Ruby Engels.

After getting Julie back, Maggie and Mark got engaged right before they went to attack a water processing plant of the Visitors. While there, she was teamed up with Mark and they set many explosives before they retreated. During the retreat, Mark was hit by laserfire. Ham had to make Chris Farber grab Maggie to leave Mark behind. Mark was killed.

The idea that Maggie and Mark had any meaningful relationship was quite haphazardly slapped together. "The four scriptwriters have to keep fabricating artificial new tangents and plot turns to fill up the air space." (Tom Shales, May 5, 1984, The Washington Post). Nothing prior to their introduction suggested that the two had any meaningful relationship whatsoever. Mark was depicted as being unreasonable for objecting to his girlfriend sleeping with someone else, and her reaction was frigid. Furthermore, any intimacy they may have had is questionable, since that fat slob Chris Farber saw fit to insert his jelly donut into their private conversation. A truly sloppy narrative.

Maggie was devastated and she never truly recovered. After Robin gave birth led to the resistance discovering the Red Dust, Maggie was at Daniel Bernstein's house, having dinner with Daniel, Brian and Brian's date and they a delivery brought to them and it turned out to be Mike Donovan, Caleb Taylor, and Ham Tyler. Maggie grabs Daniel's laser gun and points it at him.

They capture Brian to use as a guinea pig to test the Red Dust. Caleb knocks out Daniel and calls Steven and sets Daniel up for Brian's capture.
400px-Maggie Blodgett

Maggie grabs Daniel Bernstein's gun and point's it at him.

After it was successful and Martin warned of Diana using the doomsday device, Maggie argued for still attacking, mostly because she wanted revenge for what happened to Mark.

Maggie joined Mike Donovan’s strike force on the mothership helping him clear the hangar bay. (V: The Final Battle)

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