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Former member of the L.A.P.D.
Portrayed by
Sandy Simpson (tvs - V 1980s) - Mark

Mark Played by Sandy Simpson

Mark was a police officer and member of the LAPD who joined the Resistance during the First Invasion. Mark was hostile to Willie when they captured him for research and was instrumental in convincing Harmony Moore of their true nature by exposing his real skin. When the operation to expose Supreme Commander John's nature on national television began, he and Elias Taylor agreed a mercenary named Dan Pascal could be their best hope of gaining access to John's ceremony at the Los Angeles Medical Center; which was later deemed correct. Mark had feelings for fellow Resistance member Maggie Blodgett and developed a relationship with her to the point they planned to get married. Sadly these plans were never carried out, as Mark was wounded in the assault on a Visitor water-absorption plant. He stays behind, kisses Maggie goodbye, and holds the Visitors back long enough for the others to escape and is killed.

Maggie later uses Mark's death as leverage to commence the plan on using the Red Dust to poison the Earth against Visitor habitation; stating that if they didn't, then all the personal sacrifices, such as Mark's life, would have been for nothing.

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