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While some Visitors like Ryan and Lisa are allied with the 5th Column, unlike the 5th Column they are mostly based out of the New York Mothership. 15 years ago, Anna usurped power from her mother Diana, who was Queen at the time. Diana and Anna had different opinions on human emotion. While Diana embraced Human Emotion and saw it as a strength for their people, Anna rejected it and viewed it as a weakness.

After Anna replaced her mother as Queen she secretly locked her away in a secret chamber inside what is now the New York Mothership, telling everyone Diana had died.

It wasn't until Anna prematurely activated Red Rain Diana's existence was revealed...

What They WantEdit

The Moderate Faction embraces Human Emotion and thus opposes Anna's plans to annihilate the human soul and subsequently, mankind. They wish to remove Anna from power and possibly establish peaceful relations with mankind.

Members & AlliesEdit

Except Joshua, all members of the Moderate Faction have met Diana. Lisa, Ryan and Joshua are the only members of the Moderate Faction who have had direct contact with the 5th Column.

  • DIana (Co-Leader, former Queen)
  • Lisa (Co-Leader)
  • Marcus
  • Joshua (Presumed, also 5th Column)
  • The Fifth Column (Allied)

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