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mate selecter possible fifth columnist
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An underling of Diana, he is the only non millitary personel in the Visitor fleet and is a mortican and interior decorator. Diana had him procure several sexual partners for her pleasure (a job he enjoyed emmensely) he is also very flamboyant and openly homosexuel but had enough modisty and morals to steer clear of what he would consider sterotypical gay behaviour such as bathhousing or barbarism though thad did not stop him from indulging in his taste for sexuel pleasures like Diana did with her partners. He also favoured human partners much in the same way as dianna as wellas a host of unknown male Visitors as a type of an art to practice he ussally reffered to his partners as "tender ones and sweet morsels" he was first seen when Diana called apon him to prepare for Marta to be sent into space with the corpse of Charles and while still concious at a party celebrating a visitor holiday, Oswald talked of wanting to start colonization implying he wanted to experiment on the human race. Oswald was put in charge of decorating a large room for the Ramolan feast and sacrifice, he is also among the Visitors who greet the Resistance during the armistice and greets the leader when he arrives it is not known if he was Fifth Column or not in the unaired series season finale he leads James and Diana to the brig buit. Diana convices him to free her so she can retake control of the fleet.


the charecter oswald shed light on homosexuels in the 1980's by being more mature and moral about his promiscueous behavior and was a charecter of considerable ethnic standards

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