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Tyler peace

The New York Chapter celebrations.

"You sign up, hang out with Vs, learn about our culture, and you act as V Ambassadors in your own community."


The Peace Ambassador Program is a program created by the Visitors, in order to allow its members to explore and learn about the Visitors' culture.


Members must be at least 18 years old to join, or younger with parental consent. They eventually showed up to the opening night of the program, and received their own uniform.

Lisa, a fellow Visitor, was assigned to the New York chapter of the program, and recruited Tyler and Brandon.

All the revealed 29 breeding candidates for Lisa are part of the Peace Ambassador Program, which suggests that this program could serve at least in part as a cover for the 29 to be constantly under the Visitors' surveillance and in their easy reach.




Trivia Edit

The Peace Ambassador Program seems to be directly analogous to the Visitor Friends youth organization in the original series.