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Peter Combs
Peter Combs
Peter Combs
V Sleeper Agent

Lab Assistant

Chemistry Professor
Portrayed by
Craig Fraser

Peter Combs was a Visitor sleeper agent and a research scientist working on the R6 compound and its distribution among the human population.


Season 1Edit

To find out more about a vitamin supplement that was going to be given at the healing centers, Erica Evans, Jack Landry, Georgie Sutton, and Ryan Nichols looked up research scientists associated with the vitamin in the FBI database. They came across Peter Combs and planned to follow him to get more information. The four went to the parking garage of the university Combs worked for and waited for him. Georgie saw Combs and approached him, saying that he was going to cut him open and show the world what the Visitors were. Then Georgie began shooting at him, but Combs pulled out his gun and shot Georgie. When Erica and Ryan arrived, Ryan shot Combs. After calling Ryan a traitor, Combs took a suicide pill so Ryan couldn't force him to divulge any information. Combs's body slowly turned into a pile of ash. Ryan and Erica got Combs's suitcase and looked through it. They found out that he had connections to the Lyndhurst Shipping Company. ("It's Only the Beginning")

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