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This article is about Philip of the original series. For Phillip of the new series, see Phillip.
Philip 2
Martin (brother)
Portrayed by
Inspector General Philip was placed in charge of subordinating Lydia and Diana by the Leader, after arriving to inspect this whole issue with finding Charles' murderer, earning him the wrath of Diana and Lydia.

Sometime later he and Angela, an assassin who was also a cadet whom he had trained, were tasked with bringing back power crystals that were used to power the L.A. mothership. The crystals had been stolen by a Fifth Columnist Robert.

Robert and his pregnant wife, Glenda went on the run because he failed Angela she hated him with passion but they were nevetheless forced to work together the were eventully able to track the Fifth Columnist operatives which had now joined up with the Resistance to a warehouse the began laying seige to it when he spotted Mike Donovan in the warehouse. As he believed that Donovan had killed his twin brother Martin and that Martin wasn't a Fifth Columnist, he fought Mike Donovan.

Donovan tried to tell him the truth but he would not listen until Angela revealed that Diana was the one who killed Martin and that he was actually a Fifth Columnist. Angela was probably going to kill them both but was shot from behind by Glenda stating that no one would hurt her son.

After this he earned Donovan's respect took over Martin's position as leader of the Fifth Column and gave Robert and Glenda and their new born baby boy which was born in the warehouse he gave the 3 of them a shuttle so they could be safe from Diana's wrath.

However, after this Kyle didn't trust him but Philip was eventually able to prove he could by trusted by freeing a captive Dr. Atkins and reuniting him with his son Henry.

He continued to serve as the Fifth Column leader and help the Resistance as best he could when Lydia begged Philip to help her stop Diana from killing her brother Nigel. When they successfully stopped her, Diana was convinced that Philip was Fifth Column and planned to assassinate him which failed miserably as her attempt on the Leader, she was cornered on the bridge and arrested by Philip.

It is never revealed why Philip is immediately recognizable as Martin's twin brother, even though they are only ever seen wearing their human disguises. It is possible, however, that a Visitor's disguise is somehow tailored to match their real reptilian appearance.

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