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"Red Sky"
Red sky

18 May 2010
Running time
Written by
Scott Rosenbaum
Gregg Hurwitz
Directed by
Robert Duncan McNeill
Lucas Wolf - Samuel
Chris Burns - V Soldier
Frank Topol - V Doctor
Silver Kim - V Med Tech
Sean Carey - V Body Guard
D. Harlan Cutshal - Head V Guard
Geoff Wong - V Stunt Actor Guard

"Red Sky" refers to the episode. You may be looking for Red Sky Phenomena.

"Red Sky" is the Season 1 Finale of V. It aired on May 18, 2010.


A Visitor soldier pursues Val, and her water breaks, Erica goes on the offensive by securing a dinner invitation for her and Tyler on the mothership (so that she can destroy Anna's eggs), and Chad discovers through Joshua that Anna has been using him. Chad also discovers one of the places where Anna tortures her victims. Oddly, he doesn't seem to care that Anna has been torturing and killing people on board the ship. Samuel and Joshua are exposed as fifth column by Chad. Samuel is then taken away, while Joshua is locked in what seems to be

Anna prematurely goes into the next stage of the invasion.

some sort of forcefield, only to be freed by Lisa a little bit later. Later, Lisa tells Erica that she knows why she is really on the ship. Erica looks worried that Anna's daughter knows about her mission. Lisa then gives Erica the Blue energy bomb and tells her which direction the room with the eggs is in. Lisa also told Erica where to throw the bomb and what to do after she throws the bomb. This shows that Lisa has betrayed her mother, after learning through Joshua, that her mother has plans for Tyler. This convinces Lisa to join the fifth column. Erica soon reaches the eggs and throws the bomb in the middle of all the eggs, just as Lisa had told her to do, and then runs, barely making it.

After Anna discovers that all but a few of her eggs had been destroyed by the Fifth Column, she initiates Phase2 of the Visitors' plan prematurely, out of an act of revenge, and causes the sky to turn red. Marcus attempted to stop Anna from activating phase 2 of the plan. This shows that Anna has just experienced her first human emotion.


  • The red sky effect is similar to the one in the original series.
  • The ending of Red Sky has left cliffhangers. One: what is the Red Sky? Two: What will Anna want with the hybrid? Three: What will happen to Joshua?

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