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Glenda - wife Unname child-son
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Robert and his wife Glenda were a members of the Fifth Column. He and his wife survived Diana's purge of the Fifth Column's agents and grew afraid when Glenda became pregnant. he leaked information about the mentamorp, adevice of mental control to willie. when Robert discovered it was a trap set by dianna Robert then sabotaged the trap to kill several Resistance operatives with a hidden explosive device,which he set off early, and stole the Borellium crystals that powered the L.A. Mothership's laser cannons before escaping to Earth with his wife with philip and angela in pursuit. When they met up with fellow Fifth Column member Willie and Resistance members Mike Donovan and Kyle Bates. Glenda went into labor and they took shelter at a warehouse,and gave birth to a son , But visitors led by philip and angela laid seige to the warehouse soon after. He was shot when he tried to give the crystals back hoping that they would stop attacking ,so his family would not be in harms way, donovan was able to rescue him but he accidently left the crystals on the ground where he had been shot outside of the warehouse, allowing for the visitors to grab the crystals but luckily phillip refused to destroy the warehouse because of the newborn infant leading eventully to donovan earning philip's trust,and became the new leader of the fifth column, and arranged for a shuttle to take him and his family to an island where they would be safe from diana's wrath.

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