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Robert Maxwell
Robert Maxwell
Robert Maxwell
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Robert Maxwell was an anthropologist and husband to Kathleen, father of Robin, Polly and Katie and grandfather to Elizabeth. During the First Invasion, Robert and his family were forced to go underground and Robert sent his family to a Resistance camp in the mountains. He became an active part of Julie Parrish's Resistance cell, but lost his wife when the camp was exposed and attacked. He helped convince the Bernsteins to hide additional families hiding from Visitor prosecution. (V: The Original Miniseries)

Robert comforted Robin when Elizabeth was taken by Father Andrew Doyle for her own protection and vouched for the use of the Red Dust toxin to poison the Earth against Visitor habitation. (V: The Final Battle)

One year after Liberation Day, Robert, Robin and Elizabeth are living in a ranch in the mountains (Robert had Polly and Katie put into the Bernsteins care shortly after the war ended) but are forced to leave during the Second Invasion as the Visitors are aware of their location. All three join the reformed Resistance and Robert was part of the attack squad to capture to Mothership commandeered by Resistance which was being guarded by Nathan Bates's security guards. Robert was shot and fatally wounded during the fight and chose to stay behind and pilot the Mothership into the orbiting Triax Particle Cannon on a suicide run. Robert died when the two craft collided, but his actions saved Los Angeles and countless millions of lives from destruction. (V: The Series)

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