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Ruth Barnes
Ruth Barnes
Ruth Barnes
Portrayed by
Ruth was a scientist working for Rudolph Metz, When Caleb Taylor was saved from a freezing chamber -200 degrees by the visitor Willie who was freeze resistant from the ice chamber Willie's skin tissue was on Caleb Taylor who was broght to a L.A. hospital, Steven the visitor commander of the plant saw Willie's face & knew Willie was missing some tissue skin so Steven with orders from Diana to follow Caleb to the hospital to find out Ruth treated Caleb & took the visitor skin tissue that fell off Willie on Caleb & Ruth took it home to reserch in Metz office the next day, but Steven place a homing device on Ruth till night time came after Julie Parrish drop Ruth at her mansion home Steven on orders from Diana to kill Ruth with a laser gun before she could take the visitor tissue to the lab & learn that Willie was a reptile.

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