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Sancho Gomez
Sancho Gomez
Sancho Gomez
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Sancho Gomez is a gardener in the employ of the Maxwells, Dupres, Bernsteins and several other neighborhood families at the time of the First Invasion. Though he regretfully stops working for the Maxwells as his other clients know of their scientist status, he helps them escape through the Visitor security checkpoints, however, Eleanor Dupres hears Katie Maxwell crying in his truck and alerts the Visitors to Sancho's location, and they arrest him after discovering evidence of him smuggling the family away. He is brutalized while in custody but is rescued by Mike Donovan and they, along with a now-captive Robin Maxwell, escape in a Visitor Skyfighter. During the chase by pursuing fighters, he shoots down the fighters and joins the Resistance upon reaching safety. Sancho is part of the discussion of whether to use the Red Dust to force the Visitors to leave Earth and part of the attack team on the Visitor Mothership orbiting Los Angeles, and helped secure the ship for the Resistance and return it to Earth under their control. He stated that his grandfather fought with Zapata during the Mexican Revolution of the early 1900s.

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