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Invasion Fleet

The second Invasion. The second invasion is the Visitors second attack and attempted conquest of Earth, though The Visitors would never gain the Govermental control they once had, as the human race now knew their true intentions.

History (1983-85) Edit

Diana Regroups with her Fleet and orders a second attack on Earth. In this attack the visitors attempt to take over once again. They attempt to disguise their true Visitor nature even more (eliminating the reverb effect in their voices, and taking first AND last names for their human disguises) but they do not succeed as well as they expected. Only half the planet is occupied in the invasion. Signifiant battles are reported over Freedom Network in the following places : Houston, Texas, Birmingham, Alabama, Los Angeles, California, Bangkok, Thailand, Caracas, Venezuela, Jerusalem, Israel, Lands End, England , Cordoba, Spain, Johannesburg, South Africa and the Great Wall of China. After a period of several months of worldwide conflict, the resistance fights the visitors to a standstill, whos then leader arrived and called a truce with Earth.

Aftermath Edit

The visitors presumubly became allies of Earth and\or went back to there Homeworld.

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