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Skinning a Visitor is a punishment meted out to traitors. It is unknown whether that means removing its cloned
Picture 8

The tools possibly used for skinning a Visitor.

human flesh or its own flesh. It is also unknown whether this is a torturous capital punishment or merely torture. Given that the cloned human flesh appears to be connected to the Visitors' nervous system, even just removing the cloned flesh, while not fatal, would still feel like being skinned alive.

According to Ryan, a V can only survive for thirty minutes after being skinned, implying that the nervous system is not just the connection between human skin and V flesh.

Known skinningsEdit

  • David was sentenced to skinning. ("It's Only the Beginning")
  • Georgie expresses his desire to skin a Visitor to reveal their identity. ("It's Only the Beginning")
  • Two male Visitors and a female Visitor who failed Anna's empathy test were sentenced to be skinned alive for their betrayal, but this motion was made offscreen. ("Pound of Flesh")
  • Samuel was possibly skinned after he was discovered sending a message to other Fifth Column on the ship to not accept a message from Chad Decker. Although his status is not known in the episode, it is possible his fate is shown in season 2. ("Red Sky")
  • Sarita Malik was skinned by Fifth Column as a form of torture, hoping she would reveal information regarding V abductions. A large portion of her reptilian back was exposed. ("Laid Bare")

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