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Sleeper agents were Visitors sent before the V's showed themselves to humanity to do certain tasks.


Before the V's showed themselves to the humans, the V's sent people to Earth known as Sleeper agents to assimilate into human society, such as business, government and the military, to learn more about humans and to weaken its society.

According to Georgie, these sleeper agents were the cause of unnescessary wars, economic meltdown, faith twisted into extremism.

Known Visitor Sleeper agentsEdit

  • Dale Maddox - He was in the FBI and was a member of the Sleeper Cell. He was partnered with the human Erica. He was at the warehouse and was attempting to kill Erica had she not have cracked his head open and stabbed him. He was later revived and admitted that he had a wife, whom he had dislike because she brushed her hair near the sink.
  • Sarita Malik - She is also in the FBI and assigned to the Visitor Threat Assessment Joint Task Force. When a Visitor shuttle was shot down by Fifth Colunm, there was photographic evidence of the bones of one of the victims which proved that the humans onboard were already dead before the shuttle was shot down. But the evidence was removed and was later revealed that Sarita was the one who deleted the evidence, proving she was a V. She told Anna that she can now search and eliminate the Fifth Colunm with U.S. Government now backing her through her position in the FBI.
  • Grace - Was assigned to be the girlfriend of John May's son James May. She was tricked by Erica when she said that the Los Angeles Trojans were amazing, to which Grace agreed, but Erica said that the Trojans weren't in Los Angeles, the Bruins instead. Cornered, she tried to attack Erica, even exposing her reptillian claws.
  • Cyrus - Before he was a Fifth Colunm member, but had a craving for Bliss, and was promised by the other V's that he would be "reconnected" if he would turn in one more Fifth Colunm member: Ryan, but unfortunately for Cyrus, he was killed by Ryan, but after when he activated a device under the kitchen counter to alert the Visitors. He owned a Cofee Shop.
  • Peter Combs - Research scientist working on the R6 compound and it's distribution to the human population. Erica Evans, Jack Landry, Georgie Sutton and Ryan Nichols came across his name on the FBI database who were associated with the vitamin. He took a suicide pill to prevent himself from divulging information and turned slowly into a pile of ash.

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