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Stanley Bernstein
Stanley Bernstein
Stanley Bernstein
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Stanley Bernstein is the son of Abraham, husband of Lynn, and father of Daniel. When the Visitors came to Earth, he initially calmed his family; saying they came in peace and everything would be fine. However he grew more supportive of the Resistance when limitations were imposed on communications, travel and media coverage and reluctantly agreed to shelter the hiding Maxwell family. He also began suspecting Daniel of being dangerous to the family, which was later proven correct, as he and Lynn were captured and his father killed when the Daniel tipped of the Visitors about the location of the Maxwells.

Stanley was tortured on the Mothership by Diana, but he and Lynn were let go as a warning to others and returned to their home. They then agreed to shelter additional families in hiding, as the Visitors would never suspect Resistance members hiding in a place they've already raided. He and Lynn kept a low profile, but both came out of hiding to celebrate the new Liberation Day when the Red Dust was spread all over the world, rendering it toxic to the Visitors. Stanley and Lynn then took Polly and Katie Maxwell into their care at Robert Maxwell's urging shortly after the war, as he couldn't cope on his own.

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